How to Enable Zoom Meeting Manager Phone Dialer

What is Phone Dialer? 

This FAQ explains how to enable and use Phone Dialer in Meeting Manager. Phone Dialer allows you to invite a new guest to your meeting through meeting manager using Zoom.

NOTE- a Zoom account with Call Out enabled is required to use this feature

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  1. How to Enable/ Configure Phone Dialer
  2. How to Invite Guest using Phone Dialer  

1) How to Enable/ Configure Phone Dialer

  1. Head over to: Settings (Ctrl-alt-s)> Calendar > Meeting Managers > Zoom 
  2. Ensure to Enable Zoom Meeting Manager. See Zoom Meeting Manager Setup for an explanation of other settings
  3. Enable Phone Dialing. Once this is enabled a list of area codes will appear. Select the area code that will be the default - users can choose to change the area code when dialing.
  4.  Once you have enabled Phone Dialer and selected an Area Code select save and join a zoom meeting.

2) How to Invite a Guest using Phone Dialer 

  1. Join a Zoom Meeting within Quicklaunch. This opens the Zoom Meeting Manager.
  2. Select "Invite by phone"
  3. Once selected a dial pad will open with the default Area code.  
  4. To invite someone by phone, Enter Number the select the plus sign at the top right to send invite 
  5. Once the call goes out, a message will appear to ensure the invitation was sent.