This FAQ will explain how to add "Meeting Detail Link" option in events. This feature allows you to open any link from the meeting details in Calendar with the browser selected.  

Note - feature is only available with Professional and Ultimate Edition


  1. How to Add "Meeting Detail Link" in Events and Configure 
  2. How to Use This Event Type 

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1) How to Add "Meeting Detail Link" in Events and Configure 

  • Head to Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S or select the Gear icon) > System -> Events 
  • To Add the event, Simply Select the "Plus Sign " to open catalog

Once Catalog opens select "Meeting Detail Link" at the end of the list 

1a) How to Configure Event Settings

  • Once Added you can configure the Settings and Display rules ( For more info on display rules see above in the "See Also" Section)
  • Name: This will be the same as the event select.
  • Event Type: There will be a downbar to select the event type, ensure the event title is the same. 
  • Browser Type: Select the Browser you want the meeting links to open with.
  • URL: This setting will be filled out, we recommend not changing it. 

2) How to Use This Event Type

  •  First you must enable "Show Meeting Details in Settings > Calendar > General > Show Meeting Details 
  • First head over to your calendar and select the flip shown in the red box below, Selecting this will open your meeting details and other options

  • Enter Calendar > Select the flip > then Select "View details"

  • Now you will see all the details of this meeting, Including all the links added. 
  • If you select one of the links it will open with the browser selected, In this example it is "Edge"