This article discusses how to setup Quicklaunch to use Graph API to access your enterprise calendars, email and user profile information using your own app registration. For other options, please see:

1. Prerequisites

In order to setup Quicklaunch with Graph API you will require an Azure administrator.  This is to give permissions, and set up the App registration. Setting up Graph API using your own app registration requires a solid understanding of Azure Active Directory and Azure App Registration.  If you need assistance with setting up your Azure configuration we offer configuration services.  Please see this page for more information.

2. Setting Up your App Registration in Azure Portal

1. Have your administrator create an App Registration

2. It must have the following Authentication redirect URIs

3. Quicklaunch must have the following API permissions for full functionality


What Corporate Information Does Quicklaunch Access

Limiting Quicklaunch Graph API Calendar Access

4. And generate an App Secret

3. Setting Up Quicklaunch to use your App Registration

In the setup wizard or the Settings accounts login screen, set the Calendar Authentication to "Graph Customer Secret"

Enter the Application Registration ID and App Secret (from Azure Portal)

If you have already granted consent, enter the Tenant ID (from Azure Portal).  If you have not granted consent, leave the tenant ID blank and click on "Grant Consent to Quicklaunch"