This FAQ will explain how to configure Meeting Manager with single monitor conference room. The Quicklaunch Meeting Manager is a User Friendly interface for controlling meetings. Meeting Manager was designed for "Console Use" but could also be used on a single screen. 

This guide demonstrates the functionality  of meeting manager in a one monitor environment.

For more information on Meeting Manager see FAQ: Meeting Manager Overview - Start here 

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  1. How to Configure Meeting Manager for a Single Monitor 
  2. How Meeting Manager works in a Single Monitor Environment 

1) How to Configure Meeting Manager for Single Monitor 

Before starting, ensure that meeting manager is enabled and ready to go. To learn how to configure Meeting Manager for Zoom or S4B see FAQs: S4B or Zoom 

Once you have meeting manager enabled, here are the settings to apply when using a single monitor.  Go to Settings > Calendar > Meeting Managers 

  • Ensure "Launch with meeting join" is disabled
  • Enable"Use windowed Meeting Manager" this setting will move meeting manager to your "Dock bar" on meeting join
  • Note - This settings work for both S4B and Zoom 

2) How Meeting Manager Works in a Single Monitor Environment

Once you have configured meeting manager, this is how it will look. 

  • Join a S4B or Zoom Meeting through Quicklaunch 
  • Meeting manager will appear on your dockbar 

  • To use simply select the S4B icon and meeting manager will open