Version 4 Features

  • Quicklaunch added over 100 enhancements to Version 3!

  • Quicklaunch Version 4 Adds Multiple New Features such as
    1. Meeting Manager
    2. System Check-In
    3. Meeting Check-In
    4. Enhanced Calendar Integration
    5. Themes for Tabbed Mode
    6. Enhanced Action Tiles & Events
    7. Enhanced HDMI Sharing
    8. Enhanced Screen Saver
    9. MSI Installer

  • Features to Match your Requirements - Quicklaunch 4

1) Meeting Manager

  • Works with both
  • Quicklaunch Determines what type of meeting it is and starts the appropriate controls

  • One touch to join meetings

  • Your Skype For Business meeting starts full screen with audio and video on the main display
  • Quicklaunch goes to the side in dock view
  • Meeting Controls Appear on the Console

  • Your Zoom meeting starts full screen on the main display
  • Quicklaunch goes to the side in dock view
  • Meeting controls appear on the console

Ultimate Edition Console Controls Available

  • Participants
  • Conversation
  • Sharing
  • Camera, speaker and microphone controls always stay shown

Flat and Tabbed Navigation

  • On the left navigation pane in tabbed mode

  • On the dockview toolbar in flat mode

2) System Check-In

  • System is locked with screen saver

  • User enters credentials or code to use meeting room

  • Users can now use the Quicklaunch meeting room
    • Upon room reset the system is locked again

  • Data is encrypted locally
    • Data is optionally tracked and reported as desired

3) Meeting Check-In

  • Users either join their meeting or if it is not a web conference then they check-in

  1. Join or check-in
  2. Warning if no check-in
  3. Administrators can choose to have the meeting cancelled in Exchange after a specified time
  • The room is freed in Exchange if it is not attended

4) Enhanced Calendar Integration

  • Option to extend the room reset and book the room if it is available
  • Book room if available from calendar

5) Themes for Tabbed Mode

  • Choose from preset themes or customize with branding and logo colours, fonts, backgrounds and images

6) Extended Action Tiles and Events

  • Connect actions to actions
  • Create actions without user interface
  • Connect Quicklaunch lifecycle events to actions
  • Enhanced dock view toolbar features and actions

7) Enhanced HDMI Sharing

  • Share in the room and with conference participants
  • No need for the device to join the meeting

  • Simplified configuration
  • Tighter integration with Quicklaunch
  • Performance enhancement to all versions

8) Enhanced Screen Saver

  • Ability to set background images, add calendar, logos and colour to screensavers

9) MSI Installer

  • Support SCCM installation
  • Install at the machine level
  • Run Quicklaunch from user accounts
  • Auto update, scheduled or at the time of your choice

  • More effective corporate deployments

Quicklaunch Version 4 Comparision - PDF